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Diversity    Liquidity    Security

  Threats to national security, an uncertain economic climate, complex tax laws, have all made it more difficult for investors to find the correct balance in their investment portfolios. Portfolios increasingly concentrated in common stocks or debt instruments expose investors to losses caused by a host of external events. Complex environments demand that investors seek out ways to reduce portfolio risk by diversifying their investments into tangible assets. We no longer live in a world driven by simple investments strategies, but one dominated by changing “bull markets” that move from one investment vehicle to another.

  Over the last several years, precious metals have enjoyed the tremendous growth while common stocks have been essentially declining. Prudent investors have diversified into what a national news source has called “a commodity driven market”. Gold has risen from a steady $280.00 per ounce in late 2002 to highs of $430.00 per ounce in late 2004. During 2004, gold has averaged approximately $400.00 per ounce and the future looks even brighter.

  A large number of precious metals market analysts have called for additional increases in gold prices with some predicting a sustainable return to the high prices enjoyed in the early 1980’s. However gold performs in the short term, it is clear that prudent investors recognize that there is a place in every portfolio for the insurance provided by tangible instruments.

  We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the benefits of investment diversity.

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