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U.S. Bullion Exchange, Inc.

  U.S. Bullion Exchange, Inc. (USBE) has provided full service precious metals trading for over 20 years. Our extensive product offerings include gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins and bars as well as historical coins and medallions from around the world.

  Working with our parent company - DGSE Companies, Inc., our customers are provided with the broadest range of tools to assist them in evaluating and acquiring tangible assets in the form of precious metals and rare coins. Our services are designed to assist investors in balancing their investment activities through ownership of hard metal assets. Such assets have historically provided a ready and negotiable hedge against inflationary trends in an unstable financial environment.

  USBE manages an extensive network of large wholesale sources of precious metals and an international list of buyers and sellers of rare coin products. USBE has become one of the largest precious metals firms in the United States based upon its financial stability and reliability.

  USBE maintains active two-way markets in most precious metals products. Our narrow spreads (the range between our bid and offer prices) provide our customers with an opportunity to optimize each acquisition decision and our competitive bids provide long- term liquidity.

  USBE can arrange to deliver to you personally or to an independent depository or bank.

  Our emphasis on competitive pricing, customer education and service provides a diversified environment for everyone from the first time investor to the sophisticated professional.

  USBE, Inc. is a trusted name in precious metals trading and the rare coin industries. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the full range of our services.